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Stanwyck E. Cromwell

Guyanese-born, second generation visual artist and an Adjunct Art professor at Capital Community College, in Hartford CT. He has spent most of his adult life in the United States of America and currently resides in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Despite his lengthy absence from his country of origin, his memories of Guyana are rich and abundant. Stanwyck uses a rich colorful palette that is reminiscent of his cultural identity. The mixtures of cultures in American society, have played an important role in his ability to create art that speaks to not only to the eyes, but most important, the soul. Stanwyck is a current member of some visual arts organizations, including, WEUS1 Artists Collective, Harlem, NY, Black Dimensions in Art, Inc., Albany, NY, and others. Stanwyck is always exploring new artistic horizons, in search of knowledge and innovation. He is comfortable with almost any medium and frequently fuses paintings of his drawings and drawings of his paintings. This practice allows him to direct his creative energy in various directions, as opposed to focusing on one particular piece of art. In so doing he has devised ways and means of manipulating certain mediums based on their applications and drying time.

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