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Emmett Wigglesworth

Muralist, painter, sculptor, fabric designer and poet, Wigglesworth was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he attended the College of Art and later enlisted in military service. He was honorably discharged from the U.S. Marine Corp. in 1957 and has resided in New York since 1958.  Wigglesworth has designed and illustrated several books and magazines for various publishing companies including Harper and Row, McGraw Hill, Macmillan Press, American Books and Sesame Street magazine. He's combined his poetry and printmaking, produced a documentary on "Aging," and designed the covers for two volumes of the Journal of Black Poetry. He taught art at the New Muse in Brooklyn, the J.O.I.N. Center, the Children's Art Carnival and the Harlem Parents Association in Manhattan. He was also an instructor for a number of special programs for the Board of Education, where he taught academics through art. Wigglesworth has had several shows at Dorsey’s Art gallery and Jamaica Art Center. Emmett Wigglesworth is a member of the National Conference of Artists, the Weusi Artists N.Y.C., Association of Caribbean and American Artists, AAA Artists and Cross Sections, as well as the Fulton Art Fair Artists and Artists in Transition.

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