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Jean Dominique Volcy

A natural born talented artist.  His passion for art started at a very young age with his elaborate drawings and water color paintings.  Later, he visited the Bob Blackburn Printmaking Workshop; there he acquired additional knowledge for his artistic career, under the guidance of a master artist Otto Neals.  Volcy primary medium is oil and acrylic. Volcy’s paintings capture the essence and depth of many aspects that we experience in our life, personifying beauty through his well-defined sense of color, form and balance.  His works are included in many books and catalogues. Volcy has participated in many exhibitions in the Metropolitan area and abroad: The Restoration Center for Art & Culture – Brooklyn, NY; The Brooklyn Museum – Brooklyn, NY; The Bronx Museum – Bronx, NY; La Maison des Arts – Montreal, Canada; Dorsey Art Gallery – Brooklyn, NY.

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