Thabiso Phokompe

Thabiso Phokompe is a Brooklyn based South African artist working in multi medium with focus on mark making and incorporation of found objects. His work reflects and draws on themes that bring polar opposites together. His early works focused on spiritual influence in African daily life. However, during apartheid South Africa he frequently portrayed the Black body as a site of injustice, echoing realities of everyday life in the townships. After the collapse of apartheid, Phokompe’s works shifted towards abstract influenced by prehistoric rock paintings and developed a particular passion for mark making, which in early times was thought to be endowed with magic powers. Phokompe seeks not only to validate the contribution of African perspective to present day society, but also to make a claim for the repossession of material in our heritage. For Phokompe the process of recording and translating everyday experience through mark making, is a spiritual act through which to study the past and envision the future. He has exhibited internationally and been collected in Africa, Europe, and the USA.