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African Contemporary Insurgence

"African Contemporary Insurgence" remains true to its legacy of support and promotion of Black artists internationally.  Dorsey's Art gallery was established around the political struggle of the late 60s, Dorsey’s has weathered the storm and has remained in existence, making this legendary artistic hub, a pioneering gallery.


The global art movement is bringing overdue focus to contemporary African art and artists. Dorsey’s Gallery has proudly highlighted renowned African artists for over two decades; inclusion and diversity have always been a cornerstone that enhanced Dorsey’s Gallery experience.


These five artists gracing Dorsey's walls are from the Mother continent. The creative profiles of these artists is undoubtedly convincing fact that African contemporary art deserves global accolades and recognition. Where would modern art be without the influence of African artistry? This exhibit is flowing with energy: the rendering of forms to the manipulation of colors, with versatility of strokes and action packed expressions; the works speak for itself.  The artists presented are Mukaila Ayoade, Thabiso Phokompe, Ibou Ndoye, Moses Ogunleye, and Doba Afolabi. Read these deep and impressive resumes.


Doba proudly affirmed, “….showing at a spot like Dorsey’s should not be undermined but seen as a privilege, due to its reputation and legacy.”

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