Sunday - January 23, 2022 — 2pm to 5pm

Energy Series: Beaming, Mind Scapes, Ancestorial, Sizzling, Memory, Passion, Mystical, Gnostic and Balance.

Emanating from Africa’s rich cultural heritage and legacy, Africans, African Americans, and art of the African Diaspora reach into the spiritual energy beyond earth bound limitations. African spirituality is apparent in all creative manifestations, sculpture, paintings, music, food, textiles, clothing, language, and style. The synthesis of spirituality and art is centuries old and channeled by visual artist using pathways from the ancestors to send messages to those receptive to receiving. Whether it is in food like luscious collard greens, a greeting: “Hellooo Baby”, or the pulsating way a person struts and simultaneously tips their hat; that is African and is obvious in practical applications and cannot be denied.

A doorway to the energy of the mystical, Lamerol Gatewood’s work takes on the journey in his Energy Series. Mr. Gatewood breathes in jazz, color, human forms, food, and the culture. He exhales all of what he has experienced in his work. He says it best:


“My approach to painting…The build-up of line structure and movement is my spiritual approach to Romantism. Energy-Spirituality is the culmination of color, movement, rhythm, dance, time, life, and death.

I am an artist who is driven by a passion for knowledge, self-actualization, and spiritual growth…my artistic practice is directly linked to my spiritual practice- those rituals that allow me to access the unlimited resources of my soul and imagination” – Lamerol Gatewood

Lamerol Gatewood’s mediums are painting, collage, and printmaking. He uses charcoal, chalk, oil pastel sticks, acrylic, and oil paint. Mr. Gatewood was born in St. Louis, Missouri; his voyage into the arts began in high school with ceramics and he went on to earn two MFAs from Lindenwood University and Southern Illinois University.

The influence of St. Louis jazz and blues did not escape Lamerol’s work which is heavily improvisational. Nor is it random that Lamerol constructs and reconstructs his images from his art pieces- tearing, ripping, and reconfiguring; both his grandparents were quiltmakers and he watched as they repurposed materials to make dynamic images and designs.

Mr. Gatewood’s recognition includes the Joan Mitchell Foundation, and collections: the St. Louis Art Museum, The James Lewis Museum at Morgan State University, Howard University, New Jersey State Museum at Trenton, N.J. and the African American Museums in Philadelphia, P.A. and in Cleveland, Ohio.

Living in Brooklyn, Mr. Gatewood is no stranger to the Dorsey Gallery having exhibited his work on many occasions. Join the celebration of the publication of Lamerol Gatewood’s book exploring the Energy Series.